Share Your Crypto Portfolio Securely.

Exchange your portfolio confidentially with other users without exposing it to any intermediaries.

Why Portex?

Most of the existing portfolio management tools are managed by services that don't guarantee complete confidentiality. Even the portfolio tools that guarantee don't have a mechanism to exchange and share it with other users in a secure manner. We feel that it can be solved with the help of a user-controlled profile (Decentralized Identities) and an open yet secure way of exchanging messages.



Encrypted Portfolio

All the crypto portfolio information is encrypted with an AES key to which only the user has access to.

Seamless Integration

Eventhough the portfolios are confidential, they are stored in decentralized storage that can be accessed and integrated with any application.

Confidential Exchange

The encrypted portfolio is exchanged with other users by confidentially sharing the encryption key.

Portfolio Tracker

Tracks all the assets owned by crypto portfolio accounts
(Coming soon).

How it works?

Update Portfolio

User updates their crypto portfolio and stores the encrypted data.

Request Portfolio

Request portfolio details of any users on the platform using email or unique ID (DID).

Accept/reject Request:

User can accept or reject the portfolio share requests.

View shared portfolio details

Decrypt and view the shared portfolios.

What are we upto ?


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    Genesis of Portex at ETHDenver

    The first prototype of Portex was developed at ETHDenver 2021 where we gained a lot of traction for the implementation and was recognized as one of the top 20 hacks 🎊 .

2021- March

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    Architeture Revamp ✨

    The pouring positive feedbacks to the idea and implementation made us continue our efforts to keep building. We planned all the features, integrations and revamped our architecture.

    We have recently released an alpha version of Portex with Magic link authentication. You can check it out at:

2021 -Q2

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    Beta Release

    Beta release for the community. Features include:

    • - Integration with interoperable Ceramic Network profiles
    • - Verify and link social media handles
    • - Well tested Authentication flow
    • - Portfolio tracker for Ethereum, Bitcoin and BSC addresses

Frequently asked Questions

Who should use Portex?
If you want to store and exchange your crypto portflio information confidentially, Portex is for you
Where is the portfolio information stored?
Encrypted portfolio information is stored on IPFS decentralized data storage using Ceramic Network and Textile ThreadDb.
Who can view my encryped portfolio?
Your portfolio is visible to everyone that you have given access to.
Do I need to reshare the portfolio when I update it?
No, since the same encryption key is used, you do not need to reshare the key or the portfolio.
Can I revoke the acess to my portfolio?
Yes, you can update the key and revoke the access to all or selective user (Coming soon)

Ready to dive in?checkout our community version.